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Why Dog Training is So Important

We have dog training experts on TV, dog trainers of various levels all around us, some who do training individually, some in groups, some at the home, some at a park, some at a facility. The list goes on and on when it comes to your dog and training.  Have you ever asked yourself, why is dog training so important? Dog training is VERY important if you want a happy domestic dog.  If you don't mind having a neurotic, untamed, and not housebroken dog then training is not needed.  I, for one, would go crazy with a dog like that.Many of us train our dogs without it seeming like "dog training."  When we potty train our dogs, it's considered training....

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SUP with your pup!

Top Five Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Pup Pup Active founder offers up her Top Five Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Pup. Spending time with your pup on a paddleboard is a BLAST and such a great way to continue your active lifestyle together. Check out the following five tips to ensure a successful paddle! Practice, Practice, Practice. It will take some time for your pup to get the swing of how it feels to be on the board and, odds are, they’ll pick it up super quick and LOVE it in no time! Patience is key and remember, have fun and enjoy the process! This is such kick ass bonding time for you and your pup. Also,...

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